Remember what Nigeria was like in 1981 with Naira greater than USD in value. You would agree with me that life was way much easier and dreams of a good Job in the city achievable. Today, can you imagine what Nigeria would be like in 2030 at the rate we are backsliding in our economy and unemployment rising. Female unemployment is near 70%, Male counterparts is at 40%. You need to break the jinx before your child meets the unfortunate reality, start now with our STEM CAREER product, a short cut to global citizenship with STEM.


Choose the right career for your child

STEMIE in an acronym generated from STEM.

STEM is an interdisciplinary of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics whilst STEMIE includes everything STEM has but in addition to Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Innovating, problem solving, tinkering, team work and connecting is what STEMIE is all about! Attending class is a fundamental part of school, but it’s only one facet of a student's experience. Another important way to imbibe these innovative skills in children is by participating in extracurricular clubs and activities. STEMIE is the new buzz now as STEM professionals utilize technology to reach kids from far and near.

STEMIE is a more engaging way to integrate and combine the concepts of STEM such that learning goes beyond the four walls of the class or   home rather, it involves taking a step further to be an inventor of a particular creation and enterprising this knowledge and skills to the world at large.

STEMIE is the new buzz now as STEM professionals utilize technology to reach kids from far and near.

The knowledge of STEMIE in this 21st-century is what is going to give your children the ultimate advantage over their peers.

What exactly is STEMIE Career product?

STEMIE Career Product is a career based product introduced by Codefest and other T to opened to kids ages between 6-18 years. Club members will meet online to explore and engage in learning through fun STEMIE related activities and lessons to include tinkering, STEM tour, skills training, kids features, pitch your passion and many more.

They will join the instructor live and participate in hands-on STEMIE projects with the instructor and other kids.  Each week will consist of different themed activities that students will participate in. There are assigned projects,  challenges, and weekly assessment to be completed.

Benefits of Codefest STEMIE Career

  • Learning is based on Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • Free access to videos, links and educational content
  • Access to our group for tips and information
  • Participate in competition and forum
  • Earn club respect and badges
  • Get discount on all our STEM offers
  • Free access to our LMS for students/pupils, parents and instructors
  • Parents and instructors forum
  • Get assessment at the end of every activity
  • You get linked to a personal STEM instructor for assessment and feedback
  • And more...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is STEM?

Why is STEM important?

What are the benefits of STEM?

My child is not gifted...is STEM for him/her?


Olajuwonla Osonuga

The Q1 classes in 2021 was an interesting experience for me. I have learnt programming languages and how to avoid them. My instructor is nice and understanding he takes time to explain the topics. I intend to apply all I have gained

Mrs Anyanwu

Maxwell told me after his exams that coding completes maths indeed. He said he solved some questions through his knowledge in coding. He had 58/60 in maths exam. He failed only one question. Keep doing the good work